Monday, June 18, 2012

Dreary Monday

It is a cloudy, drizzly Monday in our nation's capital!  A day like this is really only good for naps.

So, be like this little bear cub and just TAKE ONE, wherever you are right now. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Internet comment on historic preservation

I was just reading an article about a small historic village called Zoar, located near where I went to college in Ohio.  The piece was about the very real possibility that this one-of-a-kind place may be washed away due to a leaking levee.  Here is the first comment posted on this article, by user 'reelbigdave':

I've been on a visit to Zoar. Went to the Zoar Store. Paddled a canoe with a Zoar oar. In the museum, the even had a picture of the Zoarchestra. Then my wife stepped in dog poo and it smelled all day. We made fun of her. 

Thank you, 'reelbigdave'.  Clearly Zoar is exceptional and worth saving.

Face your fears, y'all!

Sydney sent me the most wonderful video of a little pig named Hamlet bravely going forth through a treacherous landscape to reach a great reward.

He reminds me of a Plinko chip the way he navigates those stairs from side to side! 

We could all learn from Hamlet.   Remember what the mom in Almost Famous said: Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid!  And maybe also oatmeal!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Amateur thespians unite!

Did y'all know I was very active in my community theater when I was young?  I was Sandy in our local production of Grease when I was 15.  I peaked early.

This hamster is also a fantastic actor!

Incredible.  He really commits to his craft here.

Via Dlisted.


So this morning I was getting ready for work, executing a new part of my daily routine - yanking out visible gray hairs - when I had the following realizations:

I am a secretary.

I have rapidly graying hair.

This is me in a few more years:

I hope I soar to her astronomical heights!

A couple of photos in case you are sad

Are you sad?  I am very sad, to be honest, but here are a couple of photos that have been helping to lift my spirits.

My awesome friend Lindsey sent me this gem.  This hippo is totally laughing at this dweeb.

This one I found myself, somewhere on the internet, and it's just brought tons of laffs my way.  I broke it out last night at happy hour with my dear buddy Dave, and I seriously couldn't stop giggling over it.  It is a doggie who is half basset hound, half Saint Bernard.

HAHAHAHAHA!  Oh wow, it's still totally working.

Royals know how to have fun

Here is a photo of a young Prince Charles and Princess Anne, hanging out at the beach with a smiling corgi friend.

Good times!