Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding whoops

We ran out of beer at our wedding. We should have bought more! Mama pointed out that maybe it was cause the Oberlin table looked like this:

We also ran out of bourbon, cause the restaurant folks were present, and they don't believe in leaving bourbon behind. That I should not have bought more of, as one person got on the shuttle to the after fete and seemed to think she was on a party bus, as she would not stop screaming. Luckily it was a short ride.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unfortunate website names

Alert reader and great pal David alerted me to this post about poorly conceived website names.

OOOH LAWD. I think I like Whore Presents the best. Are they presents for the whore in your life? Presents OF a whore to your friend who likes whores whose birthday it is? Or is it Whore Presents, like - Whore Presents anonymous sex that you pay for, because that is what whores do! We'll never know.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I always knew these two were a pair of twerps

I never liked the show Full House. I hated the whole saccharine mess of it, even as a child - Uncle Joey's wretched jokes, Kimmy Gibler's annoying voice, the moment when the music swelled and we'd all learn our lesson for the episode. BARF CITY. But the thing I hated the most about that show was the deplorable Olsen twins. Those two were not even CUTE.

Plus, now we know they are giant effing racists. Way to insult a talented musician, you insipid cretins. And to the person who titled that clip - you are at fault too. There is nothing adorable about those brats or their evil ways!

Communication is key

Effective communication is essential to success in so many areas of life - work, love, friendship, family. These two gentlemen understand this:

Being topless can help get your point across as well, or at the very least assist in getting someone's attention.

Thanks to Syd for the tip.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Back from our honeymoon in New Orleans. Back from getting married. Back to dedicating myself to bringing my 7 loyal readers the best in cute animals, videos of people falling down, and breaking news from Beef O'Brady's. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

A bunny and a puppy who are friends! Excellent start.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sam and The Facebook

Sam and I have very different schedules - I work days, he works mostly nights. Thus, I usually go to bed before he does (though, to my detriment, not much more). Once I'm all tucked in for the night, Sam will often while away some time on Facebook, and I always enjoy getting up in the morning and seeing what he's been up to while I slumbered. He's a big fan of 'liking' things, so I frequently see notifications like "Sam likes BACON, CIVIL WAR SESQUINTENNIAL, and 72 OTHER PAGES." This morning, though, he had really shaken things up - he'd posted this video on his mother's wall:

Why he did this, I have no idea, but it made for some delightful viewing as I ate my oatmeal.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you tired of Charlie Sheen posts?

I'm not! Well, I sort of am. There's definitely been some Charlie Sheen overload on the Internet as of late. I've kind of stopped reading a lot of it, but I still really appreciate old Charlie for just putting himself out there and being the batshit crazy, drug addled mess he is. Kind of like my fave British celeb, Pete Doherty - they're both doing nothing to hide their wrong doings, which is refreshing in a world where so many famous people are clearly giant liars. For example, so many celebrities claim they got thin through healthy diets and exercise. Bullshit! You eat nothing but raw spinach and you snort cocaine all day! OWN IT!

Anyway, here's a video about Charlie Sheen that made me laugh. Thanks to Cassie for the tip!

It's baseball time!

HOORAY! It's spring training time at last. It's only a matter of weeks until you will be sitting in the sunshine, sipping a cold beer, and watching your favorite baseball team play America's game. But whatever goes down during the regular season is going to have to work really hard to top 2011's Most Badass Baseball Moment:

This is Brooklyn's Mitch Davie at a Braves-Jays spring training game in Florida, catching a bat that flew into the stands WITH ONE HAND. All those other losers cowered in fear, but Mitch stepped up to the plate - AS IT WERE - and grabbed that bat like it weren't no thang... and didn't even spill his Red Stripe while doing so. Kudos to you, Mitch Davie! You're an American icon.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011

I got married, and other stuff happened

Just shy of a week ago, I got married to the best person I know. During the time leading up to the wedding and after, I was a bit distracted, as one might imagine. However, stuff continued to happen in the world. Libya went kind of nuts. Wisconsin imploded, but people did get free pizza. Charlie Sheen began to bring his singular brand of enlightenment to the American public. But probably most notable, Maru the cat ran up to some holes in some boxes and in doing so, tried some new hairdos.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011