Monday, February 10, 2014

Lifetime Movie Reviews with Sammy

My husband has recently become enamored with Lifetime movies.  It all began when he was channel surfing during the holidays and stumbled upon a gem called Christmas on the Bayou.  Lifetime offered the following summary of this made for television original:

When successful New York marketing executive Katherine discovers her workaholic ways are taking a toll on her eight-year-old son, Zac, she decides to spend Christmas with him and her mother, Lilly in her home town on the bayou. When Caleb tries to rekindle a childhood romance and convince her to move back home, Katherine is torn between the bright lights of the big city and the quiet, gentler rhythms of her Southern roots. Only a Christmas miracle orchestrated by Papa Noel can steer her heart to her true home.

"Well this sounds fun!" said Sam, and thus we watched it.  I thought it was pretty lame.  Here is Sam's review for Christmas on the Bayou:

"An instant holiday classic! A treatise on the rise of urban capitalism and the decline of small town values and family.  Money can't buy you happiness!  Felt like I was on the bayou with them.  C'est si bon!

I liked that the romance was a slow burner and you weren't even sure they'd get together, and that they both vacillated in their feelings.  Realistic.

And then there's the happy marriage of Boo Radley and Santa Claus in the character of Papa Noel!

I didn't like the kid.  But I did like that even after Papa Noel gave him the courage to sing at the concert in front of everyone, he didn't magically become a good singer.  He was still terrible.  He was awful.

This is my favorite Lifetime movie!"

He says that cause we've watched quite a few since then... more Sam thoughts to come.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Brief Encounters with Drunk Dudes

On Friday evening, I was walking home along U Street after a lovely concert, thinking about how much I love my city and my neighborhood... when some fratty looking dude in khakis and boat shoes came stumbling out of some nondescript bar, bellowing about how much he wanted a jumbo slice.

"UGH," I thought to myself.  "U Street is SO. OVER."

I followed him and his crew a couple of blocks down the street.  As they approached the Metro, an elderly homeless dude, who I am guessing was drunk because he had clearly pissed his pants, caught sight of this group.  He looked at them with disdain and proclaimed, "I AM SO SICK OF ALL THESE FUCKING WHITE PEOPLE!"

Me being me, I burst out laughing.  The elderly man turned his attention to me and said, "Except for the REAL white people.  You REAL, lady."  Then he squinted at me and observed, "Wait, you ain't even white.  You Latina!"

Thanks, U Street, for reminding me that you do have a bit of character left. 

When Mannings lose, everyone wins!

I was not particularly invested in this year's Super Bowl.  The Seahawks annoy me for no good reason other than the beat the Saints twice this year, and Pete Carroll seems like an uber goon.  I have nothing against the Broncos, but my Manning-hate is well documented on this blog, so I obviously could not root for them.  This year, I was mostly in it for the snacks and booze.

That said, seeing Peyton Manning look uber sad for 3 hours was pretty satisfying!  Things got off to a rollicking start with a safety in what I believe was the first nanosecond of the game.

And the fun just continued from there!

Bonus SAD ELI!  My favorite Manning to see sad!

And that's all I have to say about the Super Bowl.  New Orleans Saints start their regular season in 213 days!  Not that I'm counting...