Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you tired of Charlie Sheen posts?

I'm not! Well, I sort of am. There's definitely been some Charlie Sheen overload on the Internet as of late. I've kind of stopped reading a lot of it, but I still really appreciate old Charlie for just putting himself out there and being the batshit crazy, drug addled mess he is. Kind of like my fave British celeb, Pete Doherty - they're both doing nothing to hide their wrong doings, which is refreshing in a world where so many famous people are clearly giant liars. For example, so many celebrities claim they got thin through healthy diets and exercise. Bullshit! You eat nothing but raw spinach and you snort cocaine all day! OWN IT!

Anyway, here's a video about Charlie Sheen that made me laugh. Thanks to Cassie for the tip!

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